Jake O’Kane – McNeill Theatre 11th February 2022

Jake O’Kane – McNeill Theatre 11th February 2022

Although Covid rudely interrupted Jake’s unbroken run of sold-out tours, he’s back! As always, Jake will deal with the really important questions such as:

Who put Jamie Bryson on that bin?
Are Catholics more prone to catching Covid than Protestants?
Is a Union or Tricolour face mask better at protecting you from Covid?
Could he charge more for his end of year tour?

Back with Jake will be the ever-funny Terry McHugh, who’ll be sharing his horror stories at being marooned in Tyrone during lockdown.

Just how both will manage to fit two year’s material into one show is still being explored, but one thing is certain; if you want something guaranteed to make you smile (behind your face mask), this is the show to see!

‘‘He’s an actor, a mimic, an unstoppable witty, erudite man who has his eye on the ball and leaves our sides sore”.  Anne Hailes, Irish News

“From the moment he walked on stage, he had the audience in the palm of his hand.  He could have just given them a look and everyone would have been in stitches”.  Sarah Scott, Belfast Live

McNeill Theatre 11th February 2022

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